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The Cohort Study
This page describes the study that will collect comprehensive and valuable data on the health and welfare of the Bearded Collie.
Dilated Cardiomyopathy
questions the possibility of some instances of DCM being auto immune problem

The Cohort Study

There are many types of cohort study. Our study aims to take a number of litters of Bearded Collies and to track their development and health throughout their lives.

We will make every effort to chase up owners who do not complete their reports at the requested time, though to date this has barely been necessary as all taking part have been very enthusiastic and helpful.

Why do we need a Cohort Study?

At present we badly lack DATA. The cohort study will provide reliable DATA and allow us to make an assessment of health within the breed, highlighting any issues that we need to pay particular attention to in future breeding plans.

But there have been health studies in the past. What is the difference with this one?

This study is completely different to anything that has taken place in the past. Past studies have relied on willing owners filling in forms at a particular time. Other owners may not even realise the study is taking place. Other owners will not realise the importance of the study and will not find the time to take part. There are a myriad of reasons why owners might not include their dogs. Again, the study focuses on a particular period in time. Some of the dogs takinig part may develop significant problems a few months after the end of the study.

The Cohort Study will remedy all of these issues and the data is produces will be ACCURATE, providing a basis on which well informed decisions can be made.

We will follow the puppies from birth...

Through their younger months

Into adulthood

And into old age

We will collect invaluable information on the health and well being of each dog. Each year the data we have will increase in value, providing for the first time in the history of the breed a reliable and accurate picture of the breed's health status.

The dogs in the study have not been 'selected' to take part, they are part of a cohort of litters being studied.

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